The first storm of the year isn’t usually the terrible one

This week western New England got hammered with a monster snowstorm.  My house lost power from Saturday evening to Friday noon, with cable TV coming back Saturday noon.

There is much cleanup to do still, but a lot of it has been done already.


Quite the start to winter

Well, I haven’t posted in the last couple of days because I couldn’t.  There’s been a HUGE storm here in Western Massachusetts.  It’s very annoying.  We lost power yesterday afternoon, and haven’t had any since then.  The Mobil station (which my uncle owns) is out of fuel.  There’s nowhere else in Southwick to get fuel.  The Governor declared the Commonwealth to be in a state of emergency.  It’s a mess.  No school till Wednesday, though, because it’s been cancelled for tomorrow, and we were supposed to have Tuesday off anyway.  If you’re in the area, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE unless it’s incredibly urgent.  STAY HOME, people, and be safe!