7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 1)


—— 1 ——


This is the first Quick Takes Friday post that I have completed.  I’ve started many, but never finished them.  Actually posting this for all to see may make me more likely to not put this off.


—— 2 ——


I went to a show last night at the Red Door Theatre.  It was the troupe’s annual Christmas show.  This year it was entitled Christmas Unwrapped.  It was fantastic.


—— 3 ——


This blog has been rather silent lately.  I apologize.  I’ve had a horrendous case of blogger’s block since my last post.  I’m slowly getting over it.  Several posts are being drafted now.  Stay tuned.


—— 4 ——


Tonight I went to Springfield Symphony Hall for the Christmas show of the Dan Kane singers.  My friend and former teacher from church, Darillyn, is a member of that chorus (she didn’t know I was there).  They sang the Hallelujah Chorus from Händel’s Messiah, which I really liked.


—— 5 ——


Next Thursday is my school’s annual winter concert.  I am in the chorus.  Also performing are the concert band and jazz band.  It’s always a good time, and we always go to a local restaurant afterwards.


—— 6 ——


Auditions for the spring musical at my school (this year it is Pippin) are next Wednesday and Thursday.  I hope to get a good part, though I haven’t yet chosen an audition song.  Decisions, decisions…


—— 7 ——


I hope my Quick Takes will be better next time!  I got them posted just in the nick of time.


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