New translation of the Mass

photographie faite par moi Lima 24 septembre 2...

If you attended Mass in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite this past weekend, you may have noticed some changes.  The English translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal was promulgated last Sunday, the First Sunday of Advent.

Obviously, nobody got it perfectly the first time.  Not even me, and I’ve been studying the new translation since I heard of it early last year!  Even I had one And also with your spirit., at the Gospel.

If a deacon participates, he reads the Gospel....

The richness of the new translation is quite awesome.  For example, the old translation of the Te igitur of Eucharistic Prayer I:

We come to your, Father, with praise and thanksgiving, through Jesus Christ your Son.  Through him we ask you to accept and bless ☩ these gifts we offer you in sacrifice.  We offer them for your holy catholic Church, watch over it, Lord, and guide it; grant it peace and unity throughout the world.  We offer them for N. our Pope, for N. our bishop, and for all who hold and teach the catholic faith that comes to us from the apostles.

And the corresponding paragraph of the new translation:

To you, therefore, most merciful Father, we make humble prayer and petition through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord:  that you accept and bless ☩ these gifts, these offerings, these holy and unblemished sacrifices, which we offer you firstly for your holy catholic Church.  Be pleased to grant her peace, to guard, unite and govern her throughout the whole world, together with your servant N. our Pope and N. our Bishop, and all those who, holding to the truth, hand on the catholic and apostolic faith.

The 1998 Sacramentary that was rejected by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (CDWDS):

All–merciful Father, we come before you with praise and thanksgiving through Jesus Christ your Son.  Through him we ask you to accept and bless ☩ these gifts we offer you in sacrifice.  We offer them for your holy catholic Church:  watch over it, Lord, and guide it, grant it peace and unity throughout the world.  We offer them for N. our Pope, for N. our Bishop, and for all who hold and teach the catholic faith that comes to us from the apostles.

And, just for fun, the Latin:

Te igitur, clementissime Pater, per Iesum Christum Filium tuum Dominum nostrum, supplices rogamus, ac petimus, uti accepta habeas, et benedicas hæc ☩ dona, hæc munera, hæc sancta sacrificia illibata in primis, quæ tibi offerimus pro Ecclesia tua sancta catholica: quam pacificare, custodire, adunare, et regere digneris toto orbe terrarum: una cum famulo tuo Papa nostro N. et Antistite nostro N. et omnibus orthodoxis atque catholicae et apostolicae fidei cultoribus.

Don’t you just love formal equivalence?

I’m looking forward to teaching my priest and my deacon how to chant their parts.


I’m still here!


Just wanted to stop in.  I haven’t been able to post much; I’ve been quite busy, and haven’t had time to write.  But I’m still here!  I’m working on a few posts now.  Stay tuned!

Tech week!

I’m in the play Our Town, by Thornton Wilder (as Wally Webb), and as this is posted, Tech Week (not–so–fondly known as Hell Week) is beginning.

It’s been quite a journey so far.  We’ve been set back by a monster snowstorm that cancelled school for a week.  Despite the circumstances, we’re doing very well.

I’ll try to post some, but I’ll be gone from 7am to 9pm every day next week.  What I might do is write some posts over the weekend and have them post themselves during the week.

If you’re in the area, come see it!  It’s Thursday, November 17, Friday, November 18, and Saturday, November 19, all at 7:00 p.m., in the Southwick–Tolland Regional High School auditorium.

Auditions for Senior Festival chorus


On Saturday, at about 10:00, I will be auditioning for the Massachusetts Music Educators Association Western District Senior Festival chorus as a tenor.  I auditioned last year, but was not accepted.  I’ve worked very hard on this audition.

The audition consists of sight–reading, a solo, and two scales (C and G for tenors).

Wish me luck!  I’ll update y’all with the results when I get them.

UPDATE:  I made it!  I’m wicked happy right now.






The first storm of the year isn’t usually the terrible one

This week western New England got hammered with a monster snowstorm.  My house lost power from Saturday evening to Friday noon, with cable TV coming back Saturday noon.

There is much cleanup to do still, but a lot of it has been done already.