Fundraising at an ice cream shop during a quasi–snowstorm

You would probably think that the titular action of this post is pretty stupid.  Want to know why?  Because it is.

However, we made the best of it.  Backstory:

I’m secretary of the sophomore class at my high school, and this year we’re responsible for putting on the semi–formal dance (hereafter semi).  However, we need money to make the semi awesome.  There are three ways to get money for our class:

  1. Class dues ($60 each)
  2. Ticket sales ($25)
  3. Fundraisers

Option one is an amazing idea in theory.  In reality, though, few pay their class dues early on in their high school careers.  Many pay it on the last day of senior year.  We don’t know why.  So, option one’s out.

Option two is the most logical idea, but then we don’t get any money until a couple of weeks before the dance.  There are deposits to be made, and it’s great to have things already paid for, to be honest.  So, option two’s also out.

Option three.  The one thing pretty much everyone hates is (drum roll, please):  fundraisers.  I agree.  They’re a pain in the butt.  But they’re necessary.  It’s pretty much the only way we can get money.  Therefore, option three’s the winner (dingdingding).

That’s the backstory.  Now the real story:

In trying to get money for the semi, my fellow officers and I, along with our lovely advisors, decided to invoke the hated option three.  We tried to do this in the least painful way possible.  Knowing that pretty much everybody except vegans and lactose–intolerants loves ice cream, we decided on an ice cream fundraiser at our local ice cream shop, the Summer House.  This involves us making little coupons and distributing them.  If people go there and give them the little coupon, ten percent of their order goes directly to our class, at no cost to the person.  Sounds like an amazing idea.  So our treasurer calls them and sets the date, October 27 (today).  In our area, it’s usually still ice cream weather in mid– to late October.  Sure, we sometimes have snow in early October, but not this year.

Fast forward to 4:00 the evening of the fundraiser.  It’s drizzling, with little downpouring moments.  I walk in, and it’s starting to clear up.  The six of us are feeling pretty optimistic.  We get several strangers to take tickets and give them to the cashiers.  All good.

Then, I realize I forgot something in my mom’s car.  I go out to get it, and as soon as I walk out, BAM!  It starts sleeting like crazy.  Thankfully, I had a coat on.  Then it went downhill.  I’m pretty sure about thirty people came in over the three hours we were there.

However, I’m still glad we did it, and I’m sure we made quite a bit of money.  I’ll update this when I find out how much exactly.

That’s all for now.


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